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'Five Things' Presents: Noah & Mica Scalin, Artists, Authors & Creativity Consultants (Richmond, VA)

On September 12th we're pleased to launch the Five Things virtual event series by featuring one of our most popular speakers from the STORY Event Series -  artists and creativity consultants Noah and Mica Scalin. They just published their latest book entitled "Creative Sprint: Six 30-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity".

+ Noah Scalin is an artist, author, and activist. He founded Another Limited Rebellion in 2001. Noah has traveled the world bringing his message of creative practice to everyone from incarcerated teenagers to Fortune 500 executives. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts, Noah started his career as the Art Director for Troma Entertainment and Avirex Clothing. Noah's artwork is collected internationally and has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries, including the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Mütter Museum and Krause Gallery in NYC. He is the author of six books on creativity, art & design—most recently Creative Sprint which he co-wrote with his sister/business partner Mica. In 2016 Noah was chosen as the first ever artist-in-residence at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business.

Mica Scalin is a professional enthusiast and creative instigator. An innovator in the use of art and media for community engagement and creative development for over a decade she has worked with individual artists and for Showtime, CBS and NBC Universal. She was the Head of Communications for the groundbreaking non-profit JDub and has produced and curated numerous art and cultural exhibitions and events. From grassroots to broadcast, her passion lies in creating cultural experiences that make meaningful connections between people. She has a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. Mica joined ALR in 2012 but has been getting into her brother Noah's things her entire life.