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'Five Things' Presents: Kirstin Falk, Managing Director, Brand Innovation & Social, Charles Schwab (San Francisco, CA)

Five Things is pleased to welcome Kirstin Falk, Managing Director, Marketing Innovation at Charles Schwab. Kristian has more than fourteen years of experience as a brand engagement strategist. She is the Co-Founder of Lifecycle Strategy Group, a consulting firm that provides branding and product strategy to companies passionate about creating social good. In early 2009, she spent the summer in Indonesia advising a Presidential campaign on its communications and new media efforts. Prior to that, she was the Chief Marketing Officer of AngelPoints, where she oversaw Product, Marketing, and Client Services and was responsible for creating a branding strategy that emphasized long-term relationship building. In 2005, Kirstin founded and was Chief Executive Officer of the New Progressive Coalition LLC, a technology start-up that pioneered a "political return on investment" methodology and created "Political Mutual Funds," an online e-commerce political giving product.