2017-2018 Projects

Here are a few of the projects I am working on as either an extension of my professional life or as creative outlets. If any of these intrigue you, go ahead and send me a note. I always welcome collaborators and co-conspirators.


'On Work'

In 1974 Studs Terkel wrote the classic book "Working" - a series of fascinating interviews about jobs and the people who do them. Ann E. Yoders (AEY), a student of Mr. Terkel and his writings, revisits the topic of work - but at a time of significant change in how we, as individuals and a society, view work and the role it plays in our lives, including what values we learn from it.

Impact Challenge - PromoTeaser.png

The Impact Challenge

The Impact Challenge asks individuals to select a day (or more) - a birthday, an anniversary, a life marker/milestone, etc. - and celebrate it by honoring life itself. This platform will allow the individual to custom-tailor their challenge, right down to the non-profit they will support. By utilizing the best of peer-peer fundraising and social marketing best practices, the platform enables the ultimate approach to giving - giving to yourself and to a worthy cause.

Inspired by the late Steve Edwards (climber, cyclist, and fitness all-star), the Impact Challenge marries personal transformation (challenging oneself to transcend perceived personal limitations) to a philanthropic gesture  - all facilitated by a platform that leverages best-of-breed online fundraising tactics and technologies.



One of those projects that never seems to get finished. Sigh. For the last several years (more) I have photographed graffiti (not to be confused with street art) in three cities: Washington, DC, Baltimore, and New York City. These photos will eventually turn into a photography book. Some day. 

If you're curious about the difference between street art and graffiti, go ahead and learn more (button).